...when you read Missed Connections.

NYC as seen from above

Long before I got married, I would peruse the Missed Connections section of Craigslist fairly regularly. I was obsessed with finding one about myself, but also wanted to talk myself into posting the one I had written about a guy I had been running into on the subway. That's not what I'm sharing with you today. I found a posting in 2014, which I don't have any info on--but it's too good not to share.

Every day I ride the subway I hope you'll be there. Sometimes you are, although you're never the same person twice so it's hard to be sure. Once a month I renew my unlimited, hoping it will tilt the odds in my favor. I rotate the books I read, always questioning whether this or that title will give you the right impression or create the right opportunity to bridge the chasm of urban alienation. I hope you like my shoes, because I noticed yours, they're perfectly suited for today. I hope I find you on a rainy day with adorable boots and an over-sized jacket and a wide brimmed hat, but missing a sturdy umbrella. Without a word we'll recognize the right moment, walk out side by side, and I'll open my umbrella for us both. Going my way? I hope so. Would you mind for a moment? Not at all. A day best served with tea. Agreed. Shall we? I was hoping you'd ask. To think, if it hadn't been raining. I normally hate when it rains. Me too.

This is what I wrote about that posting, which I think will sum up this post pretty well.

Perfection - I almost hoped it was written for me. I don’t think I’ll meet anyone that way necessarily, but I’d like to think there’s a subtle connection being made when I peer into a stranger’s soul via the short paragraph they post on that very public forum.

There’s something comforting in knowing that there are all of these people lost and looking for someone they hope to connect with - and on the opposite end, there are individuals being looked for and completely unaware. We’re all lost - we’re all looking - we’re all unaware.


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