...when you're the tickle monster.

I never make my bed. I know - that's horrible. I wish I could, but I have a small
child that wouldn't let me have a nice made bed even if I really wanted it.
Rowan and I had a little bedroom photo-shoot today, so I decided to
 "make" the bed [look made].
In this shot, Rowan's taking the sheets and pillows off of the bed. 
bare bed
 He FORCED me to become the tickle monster.
 I didn't want to.
 But he just wouldn't stop laughing.
 And there's nothing like a child's laughter to turn a mom into a monster.

     I was trying to get a decent shot of the little pink flower earrings; instead I got 
a shot of Rowan playing with the garbage can on my bed, behind my back....
I'll be changing the sheets before I go to bed.

I took this picture after he fell asleep - that's a small jar of wine in my hand :)
I just had to get a shot of the jacket with this look. I wore this for a couple of
hours at work, in the morning; but by ten it was too hot for life, let alone a jacket.
This whole look is centered around the necklace - which I'm currently obsessed
with. You'll definitely see it more often. Let me know what you think! xoxo

top - A&F
jeans - WetSeal
shoes & jacket - Forever 21


You two are so cute together, so sweet :). Love the jeans.
miss rhea said…
you are so beautiful :)
blogwalking here and found you nice blog, dear.
lets follow each others! :D

Anonymous said…
Love your blog :) follow you now!
If you want, have a look at my blog & if you like, follow back.
Love your style <3 Greetings Emma
Great!! :)


Steve Bale said…
Very cool and funny pics of your both! Like your look. :)

ambika anand said…
love the necklace!! very cute play by play commentary :) haha your son is adorable!!!!!!
Anthea Lau said…
lovely necklace, and it is rather unique that it comes in pink xoxo
would you like to follow each other?
The White List said…
Very nice!!! I like it!!!

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