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...when you find the one - part 3: Voldemort's final appearance

Thomas moved out of his apartment and into mine, in August of 2014. He proposed with a beautiful vintage-style ring, on December 13th; and after realizing we both had the day off, and no desire to not be married, we had a courthouse ceremony on a Wednesday—March 11 2015—Thomas’ 29th birthday. My 30th birthday party, that following May 6, served as our rooftop Manhattan reception.     For my boy's 5th birthday, as per Thomas’ suggestion, I went on my first family vacation—to Disney World—since Las Vegas nearly a decade earlier. This time we included Jari’s husband, toddler, and unborn daughter; Josie’s fiancĂ© and their unborn son; as well as Thomas, my son, and of course my parents. During that vacation, my father—whom had long since stopped being the angry man that I grew up with—thanked Thomas for coming into our lives.     On the following December 13th—while I hadn’t been running nearly as much—I completed my first half marathon: The Frozen Bonsai in Central Park.     We…

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