Wednesday, July 18, 2012

...when you become obsessed with jewelry.

I know it's been a little since I last posted but I've actually had a bit of a 
"blogger's block". Not having the extra money to buy cute new pieces
regularly, I was having a little trouble keeping my looks different and new.
Just when I thought I would never post again, Chris showed up at my house
with this beautiful vintage jewelry box filled with amazing jewelry.

I immediately cleaned it and added my jewelry to the collection.   

Earrings and rings galore! 

And another drawer filled with earrings! 

This is my "little" necklace and bangle basket. I love all the colors and textures.

This necklace stood out the most to me -- so funky and trendy considering
the piece is over 20 years old. 

And this lovely classic necklace will go amazingly with everything - I can't wait to wear it!

This necklace is one of the ones I got from my mom a couple of weeks ago --
I just had to include it in these shots. Those are emeralds in the rams' eyes! 

I couldn't be happier with this new addition to my closet and wardrobe!
Thanks to David joining the workforce again, I'll be able to afford monthly 
trips to Plato's so I'll be updating more often... I PROMISE! ;)

PS - I love reading your comments so please keep 'em coming <3