...when you go to Merrick Park.

We took Rowan to Village of Merrick Park last Friday.

It's a beautiful place, and the perfect location for a photo shoot.

There are numerous sculptures surrounding the inner perimeter of the mall.

Rowan enjoyed climbing the umbrella stands.

He was sad to see that activity end -- or so it looks that way from this picture.

More sculptures:

This sculpture felt particularly apropos. 


top - Wet Seal
jeans - Wet Seal
shoes - Anne Michelle
bag - Plato's Closet
watch - Marina Militare 

I had actually put this look together last weekend -- but plans fell through and we didn't end up going anywhere.... so I saved the look for casual Friday. The set below is amazing -- I think the oversized T-shirt really works better than the fitted t-shirt pictured above. Let me know what you think!! <3



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