...when you go green.

My favorite color just so happens to be green.
  I love the vibrant green of the trees behind me, in these shot. We'll credit
David, the photographer, for choosing this complimentary location.
  I wore this cardigan once before - also with a green necklace, coincidentally.
The skirt you may recognize from here and here.
I hate when I own two items of the same color that aren't the same tone/shade,
which would look lovely together if not for that.
This luckily wasn't the case here -- both items had the same silver and
matching-shade-of-green combo.
The yellow pumps are perfect in this look -- and just about every look.

Below are a few pieces I found, inspired by the look above. I hope you like it <3
Happy Friday!! :)



You look stunning, I love the look, the skirt and the heels are awesome.

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