...when you visit the children's museum.

Every third Friday of the month, the Miami Children's Museum offers free admission and parking - so of course I took a half day from work and packed up the family in the car to head over and take advantage of the freebie.

Rowan was in deep R.E.M. once we arrived. So we did an impromptu photo-shoot in the car.

top - nollie
jacket - Forever 21
skirt - WetSeal
shoes - Wanted (Ross
watch - Seiko

Once he awoke, Rowan was eager to partake in all the activities -- I prepared myself by wearing flats.

 He refused to leave that ledge -- we had to carry him out screaming. Oh terrible twos how I loathe you. Other than that it was a highly successful trip. Maybe next time we'll visit more than just two rooms. 

listening to: Jack Johnson - Upside Down


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