...when you predict a trend: heel-less platform.


I haven't seen these heel-less shoes very many places but I predict
 they'll be popping up more and more in the months to come. I wasn't
sure I liked the look at first, but after trolling polyvore the last hour I've
really fallen in love with the variety that already exists; although most 
of them are way out of my price range. Give it time - in a few months 
everyone will be making these. And although you may not be into them 
now, try to get used to it because you'll be forced to embrace them
sooner or later.

Heel-less platforms


Alonna said…
I wonderr what it's like to walk in those shoes ._.

Jane said…
I imagine they're not as un-sturdy as they appear -- and maybe even easier than a wedge on uneven ground.
AhkaVintage said…
I think you are right. HOwever I think it will be a quick passing trend that will result in most of the female population housing stray pairs of heeless shoes in their wardrobes until the next time it comes back into fashion... in 20 years! xx
Vania Aprilia said…
they look awesome but idk how to walk in them ._.

Pudding Monster
Pip said…
Hi there! I'm visiting from IFB and now following! I love these platforms, but they have to be uncomfortable! Not sure if I would buy them, but I look forward to seeing them on others! Keep up the great work and I look forward to your future posts! You should get on bloglovin too! Come visit me soon! xo, Pip

The wine color is stunning! <3 them!
Joyce said…
The shoes look so cool, I especially love the jeffrey campbell buckle shoes! Although I don't think I will be buying these types of shoes anytime soon because i'm not sure if I will be able to walk in it :P
ambika anand said…
all of these are amazing! i wonder how difficult they would be to walk in... love the last one especially in the bottom right corner! cute blog :)

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