...when you do chiffon.

I spent a couple hours looking for anything that looked remotely similar to the floral chiffon dress that I'm wearing in this look. After no avail, I decided that instead of giving you guys a set for a look that is only a bad interpretation of what I'm actually wearing, I would feature a weekly look that is inspired by one of my looks, but is taken to a level that my inventory does not yet allow. 
I decided to take my beautiful (but a little dated) chiffon dress, and trade it in for my imaginary chiffon asymmetrical skirt dress. I took the pink cardigan and traded for a cute lace jacket -- and I upgraded my black bag into this beautiful tote/satchel (I'm dying for one of these). My shoes pictured above are awesome, but the delicate hem line of the asymmetrical dress, paired with the lace jacket, begs for a stiletto heel. I tried to maintain the look by keeping the wrapped around the ankle aspect. 
Hope you like it :)

Chiffon Dress


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