...when you try tweed.

I hate to admit: I don't own many articles of tweed clothing. Being the frugal woman that I am, and being that I live in a city that's an average 85° year round, I only own two pieces of tweed at the moment. And those two pieces happen to match quite well together.

As is evident, the pieces aren't part of a set -- but still look very complimentary together. The jacket is from Old Navy, so is the skirt; however the jacket was a hand-me-down from my older sister at least a decade ago, and the skirt is a recent purchase from Platos Closet. The shoes are Madden Girl and are on loan from a friend -- I thought the would the low cut on the boot would pair nicely with the black-striped tights. I chose the A & F button-up (also about a decade old) to add a pop of color, while still keeping the look professional.


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