...when you rock the puffy top.

Most of us are familiar with the puffy shirt. I have always wanted to own one of these, and when I finally came across one at Ross (the brand is Romeo and Juliet couture [whatever that is]) I just had to buy it. Since that day, a couple of months ago, I've worn it twice.

Day One:

  This was early on in my relationship with photo-editing. You get the point.

I matched my beautiful magenta-puffy blouse with a black, high-waisted pencil skirt from Wet Seal. I've got my lovely black-pointy-toed pumps from Charlotte Russe and my vintage* (*mom's) bangle bringing it all together -- the scarf I've had on loan from a friend for some time now and the umbrella was actually found a few months back. 

Day Two:

I chose to wear the blouse tucked out in order to highlight the sheer aspect.

This time around I showcased the puffy shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans (hand-me-downs) and a pair of Michael Antonio wedges.

The puffy shirt is a piece that can be worn in many different ways. I chose to go black in both looks, but I could have gone in any number of directions. I think the important thing to remember to to keep the accessories to a minimum, so as to not detract attention from the main-act, and rock it confidently - because no one can deny the awesome-ness of the puffy shirt.


Anonymous said…
Don't forget the Who! http://i.ytimg.com/vi/FYkGimCrcRg/0.jpg

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