...when you love the chunky necklace.

I have a special appreciation for the chunky necklace -- I recently have come into possession of a few "vintage" (I use the term lightly at this point since I'm talking about stuff my mom wore) pieces that were no longer being used and have been wanting to incorporate into my wardrobe. 

I had figured this particular necklace, being pretty subdued and plain as it was, could be match with professional attire and dress up a potentially "boring" work-look.

I chose to play on the necklace's vibrant green and matched it with a green cardigan (slightly bleached-stained, but who could tell?) and a charcoal, fitted-flair trouser from Charlotte Russe.

I finished the look off with a medium black bag that I can't really recall where it was purchased, but I believe it was in 2003 and maybe it was in Target -- the shoes are from Charlotte Russe and only about 4 years old. The glasses weren't a part of the look; they just made an appearance for the photo-shoot -- and those were left in my apartment by my friend (and were free for some reason) and conveniently matched my outfit so I threw them.

Perfect look for work and spring with just a pop of funky with the green chunky necklace - one of my favorites. 


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