...when you don't know how to color block.

Pictured above are successful examples of color blocking -- a technique where articles of clothes of  varying solid colors are worn together.

I wasn't necessarily trying to accomplish this when I decided upon this outfit; but for some reason the term has been popping up a lot today -- and there's also a semblance of this technique in the look.

The dress is from Forever 21, along with the sunglasses, and I've been saving this one for a day I needed an easy outfit. I was dressed and ready in record time since instead of the two or three key pieces that go into the usual look, I only needed one. The shoes and bag are from Payless, and have been in my wardrobe for quite a number of years (I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not).

I completed the look with this pink cardigan from Old Navy for a nice pop of color -- that's where the color blocking idea comes in. Even though the dress in itself contains no actual color, the blocked black and white paired with the solid pink cardigan alludes to the color blocking technique.

 I seem to match these three colors a lot -- maybe it's my signature look. Give color blocking a try if you haven't already, but do it on purpose.


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