... when you do tribal.


Tribal is really in right now and I thought I had nothing in my wardrobe that fit the look.

It's kind of tribal, right? 

The tribal trend has been coming up a lot lately. I just figured I'd see a piece and buy it, but until then I wouldn't be able to participate. I've had this skirt in my possession for months, it was given to me by friend that no longer wore it (brand on the tag says "dean adam"), and it has been buried in the bottom of a drawer; so I had forgotten about it until this morning -- and hadn't noticed the print until I had put the iron to it.

The blouse was my mother's (tag says "Lipsy") and it's one of the most versatile tops I own -- could probably wear it with absolutely anything. 

The shoes are Steve Madden, but were a steal when I found them at Ross a couple of months back.

I topped it all off with a skinny braided belt that matched the shoes, and a gold leaf-style bangle.

All-in-all a great look, and accidentally tribal-trendy.


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