...when you belt a scarf.


I really like this look and hadn't really thought to incorporate it until I saw it here: Post Grad Chic a couple of months back. Ever since, the idea has just stuck with me. So when I decided I would continue the plaid theme today, and I chose my blue and brown plaid dress which looks lovely with my blue scarf, I remembered I didn't have to wait for another cold front to rock the scarf. 

 The dress is from Wet Seal; three or four years old (as evidence from this picture which was taken  January 2009) - the shoes are Charles by Charles David purchased in Platos Closet a couple of months back. The dress alone would look plain, too casual, or inappropriate for work -- a blazer would go nicely with this dress, but not yet owning a blazer that would match this dress, I went with the the scarf and the skinny belt. I think it worked out well.


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