...when you wrap a small yet stretchy shrug.

Cut the sleeves off of the shrug pictured here and you get the beauty my mom gave me to match a hideous dress, which we won't get into. I kept it of course, even after I cleaned out my closet and tossed that old dress -- you never know when you'll need that cover up you tossed 'cause you never needed it. Well I never needed it. I never had the occasion to wear it and it didn't match any of the dresses that I currently have in rotation. But come this past Tuesday...

I had been wanting to wear an over-sized racerback tank that I purchased at Ross a few weeks back, and I finally decided upon pairing it with some corduroys from Delia's that have been in my collection for over 4 years.

My problem was I was picking this outfit for work, and I didn't feel comfortable showing up to work in a tank-top. That's when I thought to throw the shrug on-top -- only this was after my discovery with the over-sized purple shrug. So I wrapped it.

Add a brown belt from A&F and a gold cuff for effect and the look is pretty complete.
I balanced the more "casual" look, with the classier makeup. Normally I just do blush and mascara, but this day I went into shadows and liners -- it's always fun to change things up a bit.

Lets not forget my favorite accessory - bringing everything together and adding a little height: my favorite new platform-sandals from Forever 21.

I don't think this shrug will ever revert back to it's original form.


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