...when you wrap a cardigan.

I own a hand-me-down "wrap-cardigan" similar to the one pictured here. I've featured it in a few looks, but never as anything other than an added cover-up. But while looking for a top to wear with this:

a dark grey body con skirt from Charlotte Russe and gree peep-toe booties from Ross, which mimic the wrapped-effect

...I found that just as a button-up cardigan can be worn as it's own independent top, a wrap-cardigan can be wrapped and worn all on it's own.

  The knot in the back barely peaks out from behind the clutch

Having added the black cardigan to the grey-duo, I 

completed the look with silver accessories: a vintage 

silver clutch on a silver chain, large-hanging-silver

earrings, and a few silver bangles for effect.

So remember: if you have some extra fabric to work with, or even some stretchy fabric, try wrapping it -- you might just love the look.


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