... when you wrap and large shrug.

My little sister left a purple shrug at my house when she moved out that looked a lot like the one pictured above. I could never bring myself to part with it, but I couldn't wear it either -- it was far too large and I didn't have anything that seemed to match with it. My little trip to Platos Closet changed that -- I introduced a new piece to my purple collection.

The brand on the tag of this ruffled Monet-esque beauty says "twenty-one;" I have to assume that's Forever 21, but I can't be certain.

Peaking underneath the purple shrug-wrap is just a plain black cami from Ross; I like the way it brings out the black in the skirt.

It slightly sloppy but that's okay; the effect is there and it re-purposes the shrug entirely.

And even the little knot in the back is cute.

Definitely a success of an outfit -- and it wouldn't have happened had I not thought to wrap that over-sized shrug.


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