...when you love belts.

I bought this belt on Saturday, at Platos Closet, and just had to wear it immediately; however having spent over $100 (on "gently worn" goods, mind you), I had other items above it in queue.

But finally, yesterday, a pair of khaki cigarette pants from Express led me to this little ensemble:
I'm wearing a combination of two tops: a loose fitting cream-colored tank (which I've never found the ocassion to wear, but have owned for over a year since accepting it from best friend), layered with a flowy- lace blouse, and a beige-zipper jacket from Forever 21, just for effect.

My favorite part of the blouse.

The shoes are Steve Madden; which I hadn't noticed when I purchased them at Ross just a couple of weeks back. And the clutch is from Arden B.; but it's so old I'd almost call it vintage.

I love this look. I'll be featuring this belt again soon, I'm sure.


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