...when you try to start a fashion blog.

I have always had a fascination with clothing- not labels or brands or designers even; just clothes. The ways certain pieces can be matched or worn could be infinite if you just open your eyes to the different possibilities. With this blog I hope to maybe inspire some of you out there that think in order to look like a million bucks you need to have a million bucks - NOT TRUE! Here are a few examples to start. (I'm just now learning photography and photo editing so please be patient while I slowly improve the quality of my pics)

 This outfit might have cost me all of $30. Top from Wet Seal - Old Navy Skirt from Platos Closet (consignment) - and Pumps from Payless. The bag and the scarf were gifts/hand-me-downs.

 I had been searching forever for a top like this, not necessarily in pink, but everyone needs a puffy shirt. I found it at Ross for $12. The pencil skirt is from Wet Seal, and the pumps are from Charlotte Rouse.

 Cute blouse from the juniors section at Ross, along with the trousers as well. The bag is probably from Payless but it was so long ago that I bought it. Shoes from forever 21.

 This was my anniversary outfit (we stayed in that night). Skirt from Old Navy- Belt from Abercrombie & Fitch - Button-up belonged to my mother years ago - and black lace cami I purchased at Ross. The Necklace is also one of my mother's old pieces - and the watch is Fossil.

Red Pants - hand-me-down. Shirt (recycled from the night before) also hand-me-down. Belt from Abercrombie & Fitch - Shoes from Ross - and Necklace and bangle are both hand-me-downs.

Pairing the right things, or finding the quality items is not always easy -- but it can be lots of fun. Follow me and I'll try to show you guys some of what I've learned; and in turn you guys can help me become a better "blogger" in the process. <3


Jane said…
Yeah their styles are very limited but I worked there when I was 19, and I still have some of the old basic peices (like belts and jackets) -- but I can understand the hatred.

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